The Eternally Chic Black dress

The classic little black dress (LBD) was first popularized by Coco Chanel in the ’20s.  LBD is one of the most coveted and versatile pieces of clothing in the history of fashion and it is a timeless staple to have in your wardrobe.  Not only is the LBD so easy to mix and match, but you can wear it anytime and anyplace.

The little black dress is certainly my wardrobe staple, I wear it to many different functions by accessorizing it in assorted ways. It is always a perfect choice for evening occasions, especially when paired with precious jewellery such as pearls or diamonds. During the day I choose to add a splash of colour to my LBD outfit and wear accessories in bright or warm tones. If I need something to keep me warm, I choose silk scarfs at day and pashmina shawls at night.

The right LBD is flattering, flexible and timeless. In my view, the versatile little black dress is simple and classic and clean cut, with very few or no embellishments.  The most elegant, classy and sophisticated little black dress is a straight or A-line cut and a discreet neckline, round or V-neck style.  The ideal length ends at the knee or just above.

When shopping for the ideal versatile black dress for you, choose one that will look best on your body, fits well and suits your lifestyle. Pay attention to its fit, length, neckline shape, fabric and sleeves. The dress itself should also flatter you personally.

I love the style and silhouette of this classic black dress from Maggy London - This simple but dignified style is the quintessential Little Black Dress. The round neckline and midi length give this sheath a modest appeal, while it's curve hugging form flatters all figures for a seductive and flirtatious fit.

Image Credit - Maggie London

Image Credit - Maggie London

Image Credit - Maggie London

Image Credit - Maggie London

A little black dress is a timeless staple to have in your wardrobe, whether you opt for a sophisticated style for an evening out or for a classic A-line dress for a work meeting. If you choose it carefully, a little black dress can get you going for multiple occasions. Learning more about the top styles of little black dresses can help you make the right choice no matter the occasion.

A classic little black dress has a knee length and generally, given the length and style, is the most versatile style. You can choose to wear it for business events or you can dress it up for an evening out. The classic little black dress works well with classic stilettos, as well as with medium-heeled shoes.

How to choose the perfect Little Black Dress

  • Choose a classic cut and a classic fabric. 
  • Avoid the overly trendy in favour of something more timeless. 
  • Look for subtle, rich fabrics like wool or silk. Be cautious of satin, tulle, or fringe fabrics
  • Make sure it flatters your body shape. What works best for you? A fuller skirt or a pencil skirt? A deep V neckline or a bateau? 
  • Watch the length, too. The more overtly short and sexy the LBD, the more limited its range.