Mixing the Old with the New!

While some modern fashionistas might find vintage designer fashion intimidating or worry that items from past periods will make them look too shabby and unstylish, I am a firm proponent of mixing the old with the new. I buy what I love, and invest in a few special pieces. I believe in investing money on classic pieces that will not go out of style. You can never say that a classic black dress like the one worn by Audrey Hepburn is out of style. 


There's no rule that says all your fashion items and accessories must be from the same era. In fact, embracing contrasting styles can give your outfit a liveliness and energy that outfits that are all matchy-matchy can't achieve. 

I believe in mixing, and my wardrobe reflects that. For instance, one of my favorite pieces is a vintage black tuxedo jacket. This is a must have staple for me.  I wear this jacket with everything. It can easily be styled back with my black denim and white T-shirt. I often wear it with a more formal dress if I want to look cool for a formal function. When I change what I wear underneath, the whole feel of the tux changes.

Regardless of vintage or modern, wearing pieces you love is the key to being sustainable elegance. So, I invite you to experiment with mixing a few key vintage items with sophisticated modern items to create your own unique look. Don’t be afraid of mixing a 1970s caftan with chunky 1940s bangles. Style transcends era.

Wearing a vintage piece of clothing along with at least one modern piece is the ultimate easiest way to begin mixing the old with the new! First of all try to find a nice classic black dress, then it all depends on your creativity,  you can always add a black tuxedo jacket and update the whole look with nice modern jewelry for a chic vibe. Or you may style your vintage leather jacket with white T-shirt and jean. Anyway, the best way is to keep it fun, do not overdo with your outfit.